GMG Teacher Leadership Compensation Plan

2016-2017 will be the first year that GMG has implemented the Teacher Leadership Compensation (TLC) program.  All leadership positions have been filled and we are excited to get this process underway.

GMG Community School District TLC  Team:

    Instructional Leaders:
            Mrs. Sue Ewoldt  -  Reading/Literacy  Specialist
            Mr. Jon Reed - PD/Technology Specialist
    Model Teachers:
            Mrs. Jen Boerm  -  Jr./Sr. High School
            Mrs. Shelly Taylor - Elementary School
            Mrs. Farren Johnson  -  Jr./Sr. High School
            Mrs. Stacey Busch  -  Elementary School
    District Leadership Team Members:
            Mrs. Rajeen Tonner - Elementary
            Mrs. Phyllis Rodgers  -  Jr./Sr. High School
            Mrs Tami McLean - Elementary School
            Mr. Mike Spurlin  -  Jr./Sr. High School
     Administration Leaders
            Mr. Ben Petty  -  District Superintendent
            Mr. Chris Frimml  -  Elementary Principal
            Mr. Nathan Kleinmeyer  -  Jr./Sr. High Principal

What is TLC?

TLC Information:
    GMG TLC Action Plan
            Configuration Plan
            Action Planning Steps
            Evidence Gathering Plan